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Sunday Funnies

on January 27, 2013

Some days I think my children are going to kill me. Literally, certain days I think my children are going to put me through so much stress that I am going to have a heart attack or stroke.

So, I’ve used some creative tactics to survive, like this father.


I love the creativity!

Child-raising always takes creativity and getting them to behave does, too. Boy, do I wish they had this idea when my kids where young.


Hmmmm…. Maybe if I get an XXXXL shirt?

There’s always the terrorize them into submission option.


I guess we as parents actually are responsible for our share of torturing them. We make them dress up in outfits they don’t like.


We make them get their picture taken even when they don’t want their picture taken.


But without them, life would not be nearly as entertaining.


If only they were nice to our pets!


Animals? Now, they are funny! Stay tuned for more on that next week.

Did your kids made you laugh this week? Please share!

Until next time, happy pinning!


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Boys with controllers from funpixels
I hate my life from 9gag
Rule the world from
Yeti from imgfave
Get-along shirt from rarelypins
Get adopted from MetaPicture


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