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Chocolate Chip Brownie Gift in a Jar – Inexpensive and Delicious

on January 16, 2013

I love my friends, and I’d love to have unlimited funds to shower them in gifts. But I work for a non-profit, my husband is disabled, and I have two kids. So, not much in the way of funds to throw around.

If you are a Pinterest fan, you’ll notice all types of inexpensive homemade gifts. My favorites are the food gifts, especially the ones where you give them the ingredients for a yummy baked good layered in a glass jar with cute little tags and ribbons.

My concern is that when my friends bake up whatever I’ve sent them, it won’t taste that great. So, as a public service to all my faithful readers, I’m going to try out a number of the homemade gifts featured on Pinterest and let you know how they taste, so you can send them to your friends and family, confident that they’ll enjoy it.

Here is the pin I try this week:


The recipe comes from the Fake It Frugal blog.(This blog is a terrific source of knock-offs of name brand mixes.)

This recipe isn’t technically a homemade gift, but I thought it could be easily adapted to be one. And I like the price – 30 cents!

The instructions from the blog are:

1 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Flour
1/3 Cup Cocoa
1/4 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon Baking Powder

Mix all these ingredients together with a whisk and dump them into a zipper bag. On the bag, add the following instructions: Add: 2 Eggs, 1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil, 1 teaspoon Vanilla. Bake @ 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

The ingredients were ones I already had on hand and, as mentioned on the blog, they’re inexpensive.


The mixed together ingredients had an interesting texture and stayed together in a blob when transferred to a pan. To add a little pizzazz, I added a third of a cup of chocolate chips sprinkled on top.


The final product was a thin but delicious brownie. The fam loved them, and so did the chocoholic in me. They were gooey brownies with a deep chocolate taste. I knew anyone who received these as a gift from me and made them would be thrilled!


Now that I knew they were delicious it was time to package them. I found some adorable printable baked good labels to download from TomKat Studio and matched them with pre-cut labels.


Aren’t they cute? I wrote the following instructions on them:

Whisk together dry ingredients. Add 2 eggs, ½ cup vegetable oil, 1 tsp. vanilla. Spray cooking spray on 8” x 8” pan. Add mixture and sprinkle with chocolate chips. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes.

Most of these gifts in a jar have more ingredients that are aesthetically pleasing for layering. So, to make up for that, you mix all the dry ingredients except for the cocoa. Then put half the dry ingredients in a pint-sized mason jar, next the cocoa, them the rest of the dry ingredients. Tap the jar on the counter between each addition to level it out. Put the chocolate chips in a snack sized bag and place them on top and put the lid on. Attach the label with a ribbon.

Here is the finished product.


My daughter gave this one to a teacher of hers, and she loved it.

What do you think?

All told, this gift cost around $2.00. The value is in the time, effort and love that goes into the gift. That’s what I value in a gift.

Until next week, happy pinning!


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4 responses to “Chocolate Chip Brownie Gift in a Jar – Inexpensive and Delicious

  1. Mickie says:

    I probably won’t give these as gifts, but I love the idea of stocking them in the pantry for the kids to whip up after school! Thanks!

  2. Lesley says:

    I love this idea and am really enjoying your blog! I think homemade foodie gifts are wonderful – they’re special and people know you put some time into them. Meanwhile you know you don’t have to spend a bundle on giving a gift. That brownie looks delicious!

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