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Time to Clean My Nasty Oven Racks

on January 14, 2013

My entire oven is in serious need of cleaning. But I don’t like to use harsh cleaners, and last time we used our oven’s self-cleaning setting, we had to replace the heating element. So, I turned to Pinterest for help.

I found this pin to get me started:


It’s from the One Good Thing by Jillee Blog (an excellent blog!).

Here are the instructions:

Buy a box of dryer sheets at the dollar store, put the oven racks in the bathtub, throw in about 6 or 8 dryer sheets, and cover them with hot water. For good measure, pour in about half a cup of Dawn dishwashing liquid as well. Let it all soak for about 18 hours. Then with the racks still in the tub scrub them with the dryer sheets. For the extra tough stuff, use a scrub brush.

My oven racks were bad. I mean really bad. My son makes lots of pizzas, and they tend to drip over the side. Here’s a before picture:


Here’s another:


Nasty, huh? To make it a little more palatable, here is a picture of my adorable assistant oven rack inspectors – my Scottish fold kittens Masie and Finn.



I placed the oven racks in my bathtub with six Bounce dryer sheets and a half cup of Dawn dishwashing liquid and let them sit overnight. I had to get a shower, so I had to take them out after twelve hours of soaking.

I scrubbed them with the dryer sheets, and a fair amount of the grime came off. To finish the job, I used SOS steel wool pads. This photo of the water after the cleaning shows how much dirt came off. Yuck!


The cleaning didn’t get off all of the dirt, but my racks are eleven years old. I can’t imagine that it’s possible to completely clean racks that old. The cleaning was effective though. Check out the after:


Not perfect, but remember how black in was in the before picture? Take a look at the entire length still glistening wet:


I had almost forgotten it was silver! Not half bad for eleven years old.

Now for the oven! Any ideas for cleaning it without using harsh chemicals?

Until next time, happy pinning!


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4 responses to “Time to Clean My Nasty Oven Racks

  1. Lesley says:

    What a neat idea – I may have to try this! And your Scottish Fold kitties are ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing!

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