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Sunday Funnies

on January 13, 2013

I’ve put on a few extra pounds over the past couple of years, and I’ve decided that it’s finally time to do something about it. But it is SO hard!

You see, me and food have had a long love affair. Longer than my husband and I’s 26-year marriage. That’s why I can relate to this pin:


Yep, I can relate.

I love Italian food, French food, Polish, German, Mexican…


I love grilled food, sauteed food, broiled, fried, baked…


I love fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy, meat…


Some foods are especially dangerous for me – like chocolate cake and oreos (*drooling*). I cannot control myself, so if someone in my family brings them home, I am half ecstatic joy and half this girl:


Another one of those incredibly irresistible-for-me foods is popcorn with lots of butter, like the kind you get at the movie theater. I can’t even go to the movies without buying some because of the wonderful aroma.

Yesterday, my kids and I went to see the Hobbit. We really enjoyed it. So in honor of the Hobbit and all the movie theater popcorn I ate – which sure didn’t help my diet – I leave you with this pin:


I hope you have lots of laughs this week. Until next week, happy pinning!


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