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Product Review: Auto-Off Surge Protector

on January 4, 2013


Living in a home with a husband, teen son, and preteen daughter, you know I have a house full of electronics – TVs, computers, laptops, video game systems, cell phones… I could go on. All of these really suck up the electricity.

I hate to waste electricity. But that’s exactly what happens when TV, DVD players and video game systems are left plugged in all the time. The technical term is standby power, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory estimates that in the U.S. standby power wastes at least $4 billion every year. Due to the increase in electronic devices, the amount of wasted power is still growing.

Manufacturers are starting to use technology to solve this problem, but until then, there’s a way to reduce the energy we use and save money on our electric bills: Auto-Off Surge Protectors.

One we use and love is the Belkin Conserve Smart AV.  We plug our TV in the master plug and then the DVD player and video gaming systems go in the master controlled plugs. When the TV is turned off, all of the electronics turn off and stop eating up electricity. It also has plugs that aren’t controlled by the TV in case you have a cable box, lamp or other appliance that you don’t want to turn off with the TV.

So, family, bring on your electronics! I’ll save the earth and money, too, with my Auto-Off Surge Protector.

Until next time, happy pinning!


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2 responses to “Product Review: Auto-Off Surge Protector

  1. Thank you,
    The information you have shared is very informative.

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