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Beachy Wave Hair Bomb

on December 24, 2012

I have curly hair. I mean I really have curly hair. If I don’t style my hair or use any products and let it dry on its own, I look like a freaky grown up frizzy version of little Bo Peep, with wispy ringlets all over. I guess it was adorable as a child. Not so much as an adult.

If I use heavy duty product and blow dry and fluff it, I can easily produce a mini white person afro. Not pretty either, but I rocked the eighties.

Given the natural inclinations of my hair, I know I should avoid hair pins, but the ladies always look so lovely, and so it’s a siren song I’m unable to avoid.

I love the beachy wave look, but I’ve never been able to achieve it. So, I thought I would give this pin a try.


It’s from Oh So Pretty, the Diaries blog.

Here are the instructions:

  • Split all of your hair into two parts and then braid each part and secure with a hair tie of your choosing. I found that the “waves” ended up looking better with bigger braids.
  • Take one of the braids and twist it tightly away from your face.
  • Place the straightener around the twisted braid and instead of just pulling the straightener down, twist the straightener in the same direction the hair is twisted. I started at the top and worked my way down the braid. Make sure you don’t put the straightener where your hair tie is or else there will be a weird crease.
  • Repeat the twisting and straightening step one more time on each braid just to be sure. When your hair has completely cooled, pull out your hair ties and run your fingers through the braids to release them.

I started on a day when I had straight hair like this style required. (I had straightened it the day before.) I put it in two braids.


See, look at that frizz! (And, I could have used some makeup. Geesh!)

I twisted the braids away from my face and then used the straightener, twisting in the same direction I twisted the braid.


Then I waited until the braids completely cooled. The cooling process took quite some time. So if you are going somewhere, leave yourself plenty of time (at least an hour). Then I took the braids out to reveal my beautiful beachy waves.


Or not.

Major failure.

I don’t think I have the texture or the length to make this work. But check out the results that the original poster got.


There was no time to redo my hair because I was on a tight time schedule, so I just threw it back in a ponytail.


I didn’t think it was so bad, but a few hours later my daughter looked at me in horror and said, “WHAT is wrong with your haaa-rrah?? It is so fah-riz-reeehhh!” Leave it to a 12-year-old to notice something you are specifically hoping no one will notice.

Let me know if anyone has greater success with this.

Until next time, happy pinning!


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