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Sunday Funnies

on December 23, 2012

So much to tickle your fancy again this week on Pinterest!

I’ve taken some time off to spend with family, but it seems much of my time is being spent catching up on chores, like laundry. One thing that I needed to take care of was matching up all the socks in my mismatched sock basket. And, as importantly, throwing out the ones that I’ve given up any hope of finding the match to. Where do they go? This pin says it all:

missing socksFrom the YouJustRealized blog on tumblr.

I also have been doing some serious planning and thinking about how I can get in shape and lose a few pounds. So I’ve been really working on extending my workout time. I love to do the Wii game Just Dance. One of the new songs I could download was Gangnam Style. So, fun, but not that original:


From (Warning: Some of the content on this site is R Rated.)

Also another thing going on in our home is that my children have decided they are having what they term a “prank war.” It started with Austin tricking Kaelin into eating some chocolate batter that didn’t have sugar yet. Now she’s determined to seek revenge. Of course, I won’t let them do anything too mean, permanently damaging physically or psychologically, or that effects me (emphasis on that doesn’t effect me).

I thought this one would be good:



Or these are fun, too:

things to eat


But most urgently, I need to start thinking of losing a few pounds. I’ve gained almost 20 pounds over the last year. I thought this would be a good strategy:



But, if it doesn’t work, these pictures can always comfort me:



No one can look like a supermodel. Not even a supermodel.

I think I’ll go have an Oreo.

Until next time, happy pinning!


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