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Snowman Hot Chocolate Spoons

on December 17, 2012

I can’t say the weather has been great for hot chocolate here in Ohio. It’s been unseasonably warm. But I still love hot chocolate, and it is December. So that’s excuse enough for me and my family!

When I came across this pin, I had to try it.


It’s from the Getting Crafty’er blog. Adorable, huh?

Here are the ingredients we gathered.


We melted the chocolate. It didn’t make much chocolate. So, to cover the spoons, you had to scoop the chocolate in the spoon then spin it around. Next you had to tap off the excess. Here is a picture of me coating a spoon. (Photo credit to my daughter Kaelin!)


And we didn’t even sneak any. Do you believe it? Hard!!

Next we added three small mini marshmallows, two mini chocolate chips as eyes, and a peanut butter chip hat. I will tell you that this is practically impossible without getting the melted chocolate on the marshmallows. In fact, my daughter and I began laughing and laughing because we kept getting little bits of chocolate on our finger and then we would get it on the marshmallows. So we would come up with a plausible explanation for what that brown chocolate smudge was. “The hat has a brown band around it,” or “That’s his pocket.”


Then the most difficult part–the coconut. At first I tried to find big enough shreds to go all the way across between the marshmallows, but then realized that there weren’t enough of those. I started using two pieces, one for each arm. Next, it was hard to get them not to fall down into the chocolate. You have to gently place them between the marshmallows and kind of squish the marshmallows together. I don’t know that I ever got the technique quite right.

Here are the final products.


They are definitely not perfect, but, boy, they were so much fun to make!

We also make the peanut butter and chocolate chip version. You melt the peanut butter chips the same way and then carefully place mini chocolate chips on the spoons. (Sprinkling them did not look nearly as good.)


Again, not perfectly beautiful, but delicious and fun to make. My daughter had a great time.

A friend of mine was sick with a bad cold, and I was running over some chicken broth to her. I knew these hot chocolate spoons would lift her spirits. I didn’t have cellophane, so I used a sandwich bag. (I’m a master at substituting what I have on hand.) I cut off the top where it seals. I only had purple curling ribbon, so I found some ribbon from a present that my parents gave me.

Here is the finished product.


She loved them. What a great inexpensive present and a fun family activity.

Stay warm, have some hot chocolate, and until next time, happy pinning!


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