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Product Review: Duct Tape

on December 14, 2012


I asked my daughter what the product review should be for this week and then rattled off a few choices. Once I got to duct tape, I got no further. I can’t blame her. Who doesn’t like duct tape?

This miracle product now comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and according to books, the internet and MythBusters, can do just about anything. (If you don’t believe me, watch the MythBusters episode. They pretty much weren’t able to bust any of the “myths” about duct tape.)

In our house we keep duct tape around as a general repair-all to avoid having to replace something that can be patched up with a little zebra print (or tie-dyed or whatever color is on-hand) duct tape.

Also, it’s great for all types of DIY projects. In elementary school, my daughter and her friends started a business selling 3-D glasses wrapped in duct tape and bows from duct tape attached to bobby pins. Their business produced a nice little side income for the three of them.

Duck brand duct tape is made right here in Ohio in the town of Avon. They have an amazing selection of patterns including NFL teams, college teams, glow in the dark and all kinds of patterns and colors. Want something fun to do with the kids? Their website includes a list of ducktivities—all sort of fun projects made from duck tape created by their company and submitted by fans.

They even have a Duck Tape Festival in Avon every year.  Sounds like a fun family trip for us in 2013!

What do you do with duck tape?

Till next time, happy pinning!



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