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Product Review: All You Magazine

on December 7, 2012

I don’t have much extra time to read in my crazy busy life of working, taking care of two kids and a husband, social obligations, and I could go on. (I know many of you feel my pain, right?) So, I have to be very selective.

But All You magazine is one subscription that is truly worth it. It has your standard girly magazine content like clothes, hair, makeup, and crafts, but the true value is that it focuses on ways to save money.

All You Magazine

Each issue features articles about saving money on all sorts of necessities—on your car, groceries, home décor and more. Another regular feature is a profile on a super saving woman, giving you her greatest tips on ways to save money and links to websites or other tools she uses.

Best of all, my subscription is basically free. The magazine is filled with good quality coupons on things I actually use. After redeeming them, the magazine has basically paid for itself. It also includes discount codes on e-tailers that are valuable.

On the All You website, you can find more coupons to print out and daily free samples:

So, have your indulgent girly magazine and feel no guilt on spending some bucks. And when your hubbie asks what you’re doing, lounging around in your PJs in the middle of the day reading, you can tell him truthfully, “I’m saving money!”

Until next time, happy pinning!


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