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Can My Faucets Sparkle Again?

on December 3, 2012

I was worried that the best days of my faucets were long past. I had used products to remove hard water deposits around them before, but with only had limited success. Plus, when you read the warnings on the side of the bottles, you feel you should get out your respirator and hazmat suit.

When I saw this pin, I was hopeful that my faucets could be redeemed, and maybe without dying of chemical exposure.

Hard water deposit remover pin. From the DIY Confessions blog.

Here’s what I was up against. My kitchen faucet:

My bathroom faucet:

I mixed the solution. The link in the pin doesn’t give you the exact amount of vinegar to use, but I found an old spray bottle (reduce, reuse, recycle!) and filled it about to where it was shown in the picture. That took about two cups of vinegar. I added the lemon juice.

The instructions say to fill it the rest of the way up with dish soap, but that seemed excessive, so I added about a half a cup. Boy was I glad because the next step was to shake it, and when I did, I got only about ten good shakes before I could tell that the inside was filled with bubbles.

The good news was everything went through a funnel well, and I didn’t even make a mess.

Then I sprayed it on. I let it sit the thirty minutes with mixed results. The faucets with less deposit did pretty well.

The faucet in the kitchen with the most mess was nowhere near done. So, to it, I added the baking soda it advised. It made a nice little shower of foam.

But still it wasn’t near done.

But it was getting better and I was going to make this work. I sprayed, let it sit and then used a soft scrub brush to rub at the deposits while I rinsed. After five rounds, it looked better but there was still some remaining crud. So—and I’m not proud of this—I scraped the last bits off with my fingernail. (Won’t be doing any fancy nail pins anytime soon!) It’s the only thing I could think of that might work without damaging the surface. And, it did!

So, not a miracle first shot cure-all for hard water deposit stains, but it did work with patience and persistence (and a little fingernail grease).

I will try to maintain it this way by using the mixture more frequently. I imagine that will make it easier (and save my nails!). I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

Until next time, happy pinning!


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2 responses to “Can My Faucets Sparkle Again?

  1. Thanks for the feature! Your faucet looks great! :))

  2. pinhappygirl says:

    Thanks! Thanks for sharing your formula with us.

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