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Sunday Funnies

on December 2, 2012

Pinterest is always good for a laugh. These are the posts I found particularly funny this week.

Oh, my gosh! It does look like the long lost love child of those two (if that were possible). So weird.  Don’t you also kind of feel sorry for this guy? Just minding his business, riding to work with a dorky expression on his face and, BAM!, he ends up as two male stars’ love child on Pinterest. Life is cruel.

Photobombs are the thing right now, but Jesus? Bwahhahaha!

This is funny, because it’s true. Or at least for me. I always make myself laugh because of some stupid thing I am thinking in my head. Unfortunately, sometimes I crack myself up too much and then people think I’m crazy.

How do people get these cat photos? I can’t even get my cats to sit still to take a decent picture. This is a picture of my kitten Maisie that we just adopted from the Capitol Area Human Society. She looks kind of like the kitten above, strutting his stuff. Except she wouldn’t do a cute pose to save her life. She looks like I’m shocking her instead of petting her.

No Pinterest for you, Maisie!

These things are hysterical. They are charcoal pads to stick on your underwear and filter your gas. You know you’d never buy them, but at the same time, you can think of people who definitely need them.

Her expression is priceless!

That’s it for this week. What are you favorite funnies from Pinterest?

Until next time, happy pinning!


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2 responses to “Sunday Funnies

  1. xandert says:

    I love the talking to yourself one. TOO FUNNY! And too true. Being a writer, I’ve pretty much accepted the looks I get from people. But, hey, I live in Bisbee. People here have NO room to judge. 😉

  2. pinhappygirl says:

    Ah, Bisbee! I hear that it is lovely. One of my dear friends used to live there and she always raves about it.

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